Creating the Cluster

After creating the Task Definition, we can now create a Cluster.

Creating a Fargate Cluster

Select the Networking only cluster template.

Configure cluster

Enter the cluster name.


If you don't already have a VPC setup, it's good practice to create one.

An example VPC would have 4 subnets, 2 meant to be private, and 2 meant to be public.


CIDR block Subnet 1: Subnet 2: Subnet 3: Subnet 4:

You would then navigate to the VPC service and:

  1. Create route table for each of the two subnets chosen to be public facing and route to the VPC's internet gateway.

  2. Create NAT gateways for the public facing subnets.

  3. Create route tables for the private subnets and add a routes to the NAT gateways.

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