Blockchain Inspection

Blockchain Inspection


Returns info about a specified block.

optional<signed_block_with_info> graphene::wallet::wallet_api::get_block(
    uint32_t num)
  • num: height of the block to retrieve


Returns the number of accounts registered on the blockchain.

uint64_t graphene::wallet::wallet_api::get_account_count()const

The number of registered accounts


Returns the block chain’s slowly-changing settings.

This object contains all of the properties of the blockchain that are fixed or that change only once per maintenance interval (daily) such as the current list of witnesses, committee_members, block interval, etc.

See get_dynamic_global_properties() for frequently changing properties.

global_property_object graphene::wallet::wallet_api::get_global_properties()const

The global properties.


Returns the block chain’s rapidly-changing properties. The returned object contains information that changes every block interval such as the head block number, the next witness, etc. See get_global_properties() for less-frequently changing properties.

dynamic_global_property_object graphene::wallet::wallet_api::get_dynamic_global_properties()const

The dynamic global properties.


Returns the blockchain object corresponding to the given id.

This generic function can be used to retrieve any object from the blockchain that is assigned an ID. Certain types of objects have specialized convenience functions to return their objects e.g., assets have get_asset(), accounts have get_account(), but this function will work for any object.

variant graphene::wallet::wallet_api::get_object(
    object_id_type id)const
  • id: the id of the object to return.

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