Developer Documentation

Your gateway to comprehensive APIs, guides for common services, use case examples, resources, tools, and more. Developer documentation is all about empowering you to build on the Peerplays blockchain.

API Reference

This section explains about the different types of API calls involved in exchanges and gateways. The sample output for several API calls are also listed. The following APIs are explained in this section:

API Libraries

API Libraries plays an important role in communicating with Peerplays blockchain. This section explains about:

  1. Steps to install

  2. How to create an account?

  3. How to create a Peerplays wallet?

  4. NFT, Marketplace, and Role based Permission API

Click the below link to learn about the API Libraries in detail.

Peerplays API Libraries

Development Guides

The guides in this section will describe about the User Issued Assets, types of permissions, a detailed explanation about NFTs, and finally about cost calculation. Click the link below to learn in detail.

Development Guides

The Cookbook

Peerplays community need some specialized work to accomplish the vision of the community. The work includes file encoding, file storage, content verifiers, and Content Delivery Network (CDN) gateways which are not covered directly by Peerplays but a system is created to complete these works in a decentralized way. Click the below link to learn in detail about the plan and process.

The Cookbook

Tools & Integration

This section explains about important Authentication techniques and random numbers:

  1. Peer ID - Explain about Authentication and Requirement to create a Peer ID

  2. Random Number Generator (RNG) - Explain about RNG Generation process and API involved in getting a random number.

Reference Docs

This section contains needful documents which helps to provide details about any questions that arise during learning and experimenting with Peerplays applications.

The topics under Supporting & Reference Documents are listed below:

Supporting & Reference Docs


The workflow section provides a step by step approach followed in the Peerplays development process. Click below to learn in details about the nature of workflow involved in developing any application.

Development Workflow Docs

Other Documentation

There are different types of documents available to reduce the cost around time and helps in landing to specific topics. Use the below links to navigate to your desired page.

  1. Peerplays Public Docs Portal - Click to land in Public documentation portal.

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