General Calls

General Calls


Returns a list of all commands supported by the wallet API.

This lists each command, along with its arguments and return types. For more detailed help on a single command, use gethelp().

string graphene::wallet::wallet_api::help()const

A multi-line string suitable for displaying on a terminal.


Returns detailed help on a single API command.

string graphene::wallet::wallet_api::gethelp(
    const string &method)const
  • method: the name of the API command you want help with


Returns info about head block, chain_id, maintenance, participation, current active witnesses and committee members.

variant graphene::wallet::wallet_api::info()

Runtime info about the blockchain


Returns info such as client version, git version of graphene/fc, version of boost, openssl etc.

variant_object graphene::wallet::wallet_api::about()const

Compile time info and client and dependencies versions.


void graphene::wallet::wallet_api::network_add_nodes(
    const vector<string> &nodes)

nodes: Nodes to be added.


vector<variant> graphene::wallet::wallet_api::network_get_connected_peers()

List of connected peers.

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