Creating an Account

There are two ways to create an account.

  1. With Python-Peerplays: If you already have an account, it can be used to create another account.

  2. With the Faucet: To create an account without an existing account.

The Python-Peerplays Method

You need a funded account to create additional accounts. The funded account should be upgraded to create new accounts. To upgrade an account


Once the account is upgraded

p.create_account(account_name="new_account_name", registrar="the_upgraded_account", owner_key='TEST6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV', active_key='TEST6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV', memo_key='TEST6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV')

The Faucet Method

url =

params = {'account': {
    'name': 'new_account_name',
    'owner_key': 'TEST6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV',
    'active_key': 'TEST6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV',
    'memo_key': 'TEST6MRyAjQq8ud7hVNYcfnVPJqcVpscN5So8BhtHuGYqET5GDW5CV',
    'refcode': '',
    'referrer': ''}}, json=params)

Additional Methods

p.transfer(to, amount, asset, memo="", account=None)

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