User Personas

Provides the profile of a product's typical customer

NFT Artwork Collector

Main Motivation: To showcase the artwork, inspect and appreciate the details of art.
Other Motivation: To verify the authenticity and view traits.
  • Finding authenticity, ownership and any transaction information about specific artwork.
  • Providing a semantic interpretation about the artwork. It helps in displaying the artwork by using filters such as file type, metadata that helps to find the collectable tickets.
  • Sharing artwork to social media with proper rendering.

NFT Artist

Main Motivation: To showcase their own artwork and an option to see the transaction done for their own artwork.
Other Motivation: Find out who's buying and who is appreciating their artwork.
  • Using standard Audits to verify the NFT formatting.
  • Monitor and track demand for their artwork.
  • Providing detailed information about transaction, owner information about artwork
Out-of-scope Concerns (Not for "Explorer"):
  • Artwork creation and publication tool suite

NFT Investor

Main Motivation: Visibility to monitor the recent transactions and notification about the high value tickets.
Other Motivation: To view their own collection in the form of a Portfolio and an option to check on the popular artist & artwork.
  • Appealing template to showcase their own collections along with their values.
  • Providing detailed layout to have a glimpse about active buyers, high value transactions, popular categories(artist/artwork), cost, bids, and asks.
  • Likely also a desktop user (for more detailed interface).

5050 NFT Lottery User

Main Motivation: Identifying the winners and to verify the authenticity of the lottery.
Other Motivation: To learn the souvenir value of tickets
  • Creating an option to learn about the winners, participants, lottery end dates and conditions applied in buying tickets.
  • Robust feature-set to check the authenticity of the ticket.
  • The method in which the souvenir value is measured. It can be based on artwork in the ticket which is necessary for other buyer.

Concert Goer

Main Motivation: Finding their ticket for the event and verify its authenticity.
Other Motivation: Check for the issuer details and also to find out the souvenir value for their tickets
  • Robust feature-set to find their event ticket, check the issuer details and event information.
  • Detailed view to display the event website link, along with other event information which should include show time, organizer, ticket price, etc.
  • Using a unique filter to find the souvenir value of the ticket.

Event Manager

Main Motivation: To check on the tickets created for all events and to monitor the secondary market activity
Other Motivation: Collect information about the sold/unsold tickets.
  • Robust feature set to monitor the secondary market activity.
  • Using filter to check the tickets created for each events and also to find out the sold/unsold tickets per event.
Out-of-scope Concerns (Not for "Explorer"):
  • Tools for deploying and managing event tickets

NFT Mobile/Tablet User (Any Persona)

Main Motivation: Expecting a simple page layout and easy share control.
Other Motivation: Representation of artwork details.
  • Framing a separate template for Mobile/Tablet user to be simple.
  • Identical format to display the details of artwork.
  • Disable right click to have easy share control.

NFT Desktop User (Any Persona)

Main Motivation: To view a detailed representation of any artwork, event details.
Other Motivation: To have easy navigation control
  • Create distinct template to showcase detailed artwork collection.
  • Providing easy navigation to check all the available option about the artwork as well as the tickets.